Johnny Carson Birthplace

HEEEEEERE’S Johnny Carson’s birthplace!!! Come laugh along with Johnny Carson as you visit the historically restored home at 500 13th Street in Corning, Iowa, where Johnny was born October 23, 1925. The home is open to visitors every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. from Memorial Day through September or by appointment. You can see the room where he was born and stroll through the house where he lived with his family until he was about three years old. Share memories of your favorite episode or character. You can have your picture taken with Johnny as a guest on his show and enjoy watching a clip from the Tonight Show when he called his Corning babysitter. She shares memories of him and takes him to task much to his delight and the amusement of his audience.

To schedule a tour, call 641-322-4777.