Pack your binoculars, bathing suit, fishing pole – load up the camper or book a room – adventures await in Adams County, Iowa. Before you explore Adams County, traverse our website so you don’t miss a thing.

When you’re looking for things to do in Iowa, you’ll find that Adams County offers a range of recreational opportunities. Needing a little fun in the sun? Come  to Adams County and visit our NASCAR Speedway, our lakes, golf course, hunting and other adventures. Perhaps you like to hike trails or spend some time geo-caching? Fishing, boating, skiing, swimming and other fun water sports can all help you create the greatest vacation in Iowa. 

Lake Life

Make a splash There is just something about a campfire Stress free area Think Outside. No box required Change your perspective. Spend a night outdoors

Lake Icaria

Come play in the glistening water of this 650-acre lake.

Lake Binder

Lake Binder offers a serene setting of nature’s bounty.


Lake Icaria and Lake Binder are full of the best fishing locations.


The marina provides fuel, boat rentals, fishing tackle, and more.


Take a walk or run along the lakes for an enjoyable nature experience.


If you are planning a trip with an RV or tent, there are three campgrounds to consider


Family time at the Lake? Icaria has 2 large family-style handicap accessible cottages with all the amenities of home.


Enjoy a vacation and sleep at Lake Icaria in one of the available cabins.

Let's play!

Grip it and rip it Game of Throws Get the ball rolling Play like a Champion

Adams County Speedway

Do you have a need for speed? Take a spin around the half-mile dirt track.

Disc Golf

Enjoy the walk and the view as you play a round of 18 cages


This 9-hole golf course is nestled among a wide variety of trees to make a beautiful but tricky golf experience.


f tennis is your game, grab a partner and head to the SWV Elementary in Corning.


Explore the outdoors by foot.


Swim with sand and sun, or swim in pool with diving boards and slides - Adams County has both.

Enjoy a picnic

Opportunities abound at any of our City Parks in Prescott, Nodaway or Corning.  Or take a picnic out to Lake Icaria or Lake Binder at one of their shelters or spread a blanket near one of the playscapes. Corning has Central Park, Grove Park, Elementary School Playground,  Memorial Rock Park (Home of the Adams County Freedom Rock) and Spring Lake Park.  Nodaway City Park or Prescott City Park is a great choice also.