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Economic Vitality Committee

This volunteer committee works with both new and existing businesses within the Main Street District.  After identifying current market strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities; committee members work with the businesses to utilize this information to assist with expansion of existing business or recruitment of new businesses to the community.

The Economic Vitality Committee facilitates downtown business visits, brings continuing education to our Main Street partners on business hot topics, recruits new businesses and conducts Market Analysis’. Contact our office and learn more about Market Analysis identified opportunities for business start-up, growth, and opportunities.

Main Street Corning is pleased to share that we have launched a Small Business Lab to provide ongoing support to local startups and existing businesses. Our Small Business Lab provides the following services, at no cost, to businesses in our community:

Business Support Services

Start up Coaching

Local entrepreneurs get unlimited 1:1, on-demand coaching with experienced entrepreneurs. This coaching helps you move from business idea to open for business. Sure, we help you plan, but we also help problem-solve and overcome the many obstacles that pop up along the way.

Business Management Coaching

Unfortunately, most new ventures fail within the first five years. One-on-one business management coaching helps established businesses overcome common challenges, develop clear goals, and keep a laser focus on the things that matter. The result – stronger, more successful businesses.

Peer Learning Roundtables

Business owners can feel lonely. Our roundtables expand your access to smart business owners from across the country. Roundtables help entrepreneurs tap into useful resources and critical knowledge. They also help reduce the “you don’t know what you don’t know” pitfall that can trip up businesses.

Expert Panel Discussions

Do you have online sales experts in your community? What about programmers, social media specialists, or web design experts? Expert Panel Discussions give you direct access to expertise in all the right areas to grow and manage your business more effectively.

Access to Small Business Lab

Sign up for services through our Small Business Lab

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Main Street Office Ph: 641.322.3243
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What businesses are saying

"This was really helpful! It's great to have tools to structure our thinking and someone to talk to.”

“Our coach helped us achieve a 200% annual revenue increase, in the middle of the pandemic…”

"I really valued the coaching, and it was great to get ideas from someone outside of my bubble.”

Interested in Volunteering?

Contact us today to learn more about volunteering with the Economic Vitality Committee.

Economic Vitality Committee

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