Droppett Opens in Adams County

Droppett redemption center is now open for dropping off cans & bottles for which you have paid a deposit during purchase.  The collection site is located at the corner of 8th Street and John Street recycle area. You will need an account to use this facility.  Go to the website: www.droppett.com and establish an account.  You will receive some bag tags in the mail along with an identification card. The bag tags have your account information.

Simply place any deposit cans & bottles in a bag, place a bag tag sticker on the bag, use the sticker to open the locked door, place the bag in the Droppett unit. Once a week, the Droppett unit will be emptied, the bags taken to Des. Moines, counted and sorted according to your specific bag tag and the 5-cent deposit fee will go into your account. When you want the money transferred into your personal checking account, you will simply request the money transfer from your Droppett account to be direct deposited into your checking account.

You can use any bags up to a 20-pound weight limit and can mix plastic with aluminum. Make sure you tie the top with a good knot, so the bag doesn’t come open in transit. Place glass bottles in something more secure like a box so the glass does not break. If the glass bottle is broken, you will not receive the 5-cent deposit.

If you do NOT wish to open a Droppett account but want to recycle cans and bottles there is a “dog” cage located next to the Droppett unit and at Hy-Vee in which to place your cans. 

Any questions should be directed to Andrew Mayer, Droppett Sales and Marketing Manager, 641.525.0117.